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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother's Manifesto

Always smile and be impressed when your son brings you wildflowers.
Blame the sneeze on the neighbors cat.
Never make a joke about his accomplishments - keep his bragging rights intact.
Gently rebuke him if he uses a bad word, reminding him that his speech is a large part of how the world will measure him.
Give him a hammer and nails, cardboard and glue, a hole punch and stapler - and take pictures of whatever he builds.
Never lie to him, no matter how hard the truth is.
Always trust him with the biggest responsibility he can handle.
Challenge him, encourage him, cheer him on.
Reward him openly for a job well done.
Read to him the most exciting, most adventurous stories you can find, and encourage him to live life BIG when he grows up.
Tell him Bible stories, but leave the "moral lessons" for the Holy Spirit to teach.
Just excite him with the reality of life with Jesus.
Be a living example of the qualities you wish to teach him.
Work hard, tell the truth, keep your word, be noble and trustworthy.
Be the woman you want him to find for a wife someday.
Let your daughter be everything God created her to be.
If it's a scientist or a pianist or a mother of many sons, let her BE.
Tell her she's pretty at least once a day.
And make sure she has at least one dress she LOVES to wear.
Teach her to cook whatever she wants.
A souffle' is NOT too hard for an 8 year old to make.
Let it be her specialty.
Make matching aprons and sundresses, and cloud paint with her in the summer time while you lie in the summer grass.
Teach her to dream big, hold her hand when she jumps and when she falls, then help her get up and try again.
Hang out laundry together, listening to her chatter about her latest project, latest picture, latest best friend, and babydolls.
Never say she talks too much.
A girl has thousand's of words to speak everyday.
Just like a woman does. Be there to listen.
Trust her with a lion's share of responsibility and chores. She will be a mother someday.
Teach her to love Jesus, not because she SHOULD but because she sees you contentedly loving Him.
Be the wife, mother, sister, friend, neighbor that you wish her to be when she grows up. Let her see it in you.
Don't preach, nag, whine, threaten or guilt-trip to try to illicit good behavior from them.
Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Smile alot. Remember what it feels like to be a child.


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