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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Grace-ful Musings

Just some poems I wrote down about grace and this wonderful world I am waking up to. Of course none of them are very good, but I thought I'd share. Often I can express myself better through a bit of rhyme. ;o)

all about grace i thought i knew
and rode the wind that the holy spirit blew
but i find i sat just on the edge
and the grace that i live now is new
if i answer when god calls
run into his arms to him give my all
he will carry all my hopes
and give them back in a boat that floats
He loves me ~ won't think he loves me not
petals on a daisy ~ a drink when it's hot
He's the one who loves me ~ not the one who loves me not
accept those tears
embrace the fears
jump headlong
into the years
for what comes
is no surprise
to the one
for me who died
"rest in Me" i hear Him say
yet He won't tell me
anything but today!
but then isn't that just it?
a life with christ must be
the life of complete


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