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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Please accept this post as a disclaimer. And read what might follow in the days ahead at your own risk. I ambeing challenged on EVERY front. Everything I thought I knew about Jesus has been SO shallow. Sisters, we've been living in a box of our own making. God is bigger than our notions, bigger than our understanding, bigger than we could ever imagine. So from this point on, though the beauty of the mundane will likely show up occasionally, this blog is dedicated to chronicling my journey. My journey, my wide path and narrow way... God's way. So please, before you throw tomatoes or think I've gone completely over the edge promise me 2 things:

1. Read what I write here with an open mind towards the Lord. LET HIM TEACH YOU AS HE IS TEACHING ME.

2. Don't be afraid. If you come across something that can't be explained IT IS OK. Accept it, accept that God is God and you are not. And Don't Be Afraid of breaking out of the boxes you've built around yourself.

So there you go, can't say I didn't warn ya.


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