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Thursday, February 22, 2007


It's so easy to accept what is in our lives. To wake up every morning and take for granted that we are living as Christians just as Christ would have us live. Especially here - our culture herein the Bible-belt has permeated every facet of our lives as women. And it seems odd to me that I never questioned things, never searched the Scriptures, never QUESTIONED. I know why I didn't though - I know now. In my heart I wanted to question but I could not. Because I wasn't ready - it wasn't time. And I didn't search Scripture about alot of things because I was afraid of finding that I would have to swim upstream. And that is tiring. Especially when the life I was already living was UPSTREAM to the world. Being a full-time mom, devoted wife, homeschooling. All of it. But I was afraid of having to swim upstream even among fellow believers. It was frightening to let lose of the shore and I couldn't do it.

There is so much I can't explain, but Christ is doing a BIG work in me. He has barely begun and yet I don't even recognize the old Kelly. I half expect to look in the mirror and see a different person. Blue eyes or something. lol And I don't understand everything He is leading me towards. Some of it seems, at a distance, so at odds with the life I lived before. Out of this knowing, this resolution, this "quest" to serve the Lord with ALL my mind ~ ALL my strength ~ ALL my life, I run into contradictions. And God said that's ok. I'll understand it better by and by. ;)

broken asphalt
mylar balloon
bright blue skies
gath'ring gloom
broken promise
matching gold rings
roses and wine
glass shattering
pervaid the air
leave them be and
you'll see they're fair
for these and other
unknowns you find
complete the beauty
of the divine


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