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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I keep wondering if somehow, I'm missing something important. It's as if the world is suddenly in technicolor. I woke up this morning, and have been moving about in a bubble of sorts. Just out of reach of reality. Don't worry - the children are safe. lol

But all of the lies I've been living with - all of the lies that I accepted as truth - the lies I EMBRACED about myself, about marriage, about husbands and men and relationships.... all of them are dead.

And suddenly the harshness of the world I was living in is gone. Reality is that love exists. It is real. Marriage can be SO much more than a cross to bear. Goodness. Though I'm sure there is an element of sacrifice in all marriages, I think that the sacrifie includes bearing one another's burdens. Not bearing both burdens alone.

So I don't know when, or how. But I am whole again and I will never live half a life again. There are hard things still to come I know. And I'm not living in a fantasy world. But there is LIFE to live. An abundant life in Christ. And I'm ready for it.

Bring it on. :o)


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