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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


deep dark oceans of sweat and tears
towering mountains of crippling fears
I traveled over and through and between
and on my Friend's hand I learned to lean

valleys and fountains they dotted my way
and ravens did feed me by night and by day
there were moments of light when the storms did cease
and I glimpsed that fair land: the city of PEACE

woefully inadequate were my walking shoes
beginning again another path I would choose
but this piece of travel belonged only to me
and another man's map it could not me lead

I view now a new path on up ahead
and though I can't tell where this one has led
I do know the mountains and oceans to swim
will serve to mold me and bring me to Him

Long Time

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted anything! SO much going on here. Work, work, work....

I'm still home with the children on a daily basis, still attempting to homeschool though I admit the past school year has been pretty much a wash-out in terms of our original goals. We learned more about communication, dealing with hurts, re-evaluating EVERYTHING. That stuff takes TIME! :-) Anyhow.... Austin is working a summer job in construction - it has been good for him. He is resolved to get serious about school this fall so he can get a job that 1)pays better and 2) realizing he will be old "someday" with education he can work something that is not so physically demanding. hehehehe

I am still plugging along on the midwifery studies, and my EMT course begins in August. I'm nervous about that because it has been SO long since I was in school. YIKES.

The other children are all doing ok. It is still hard somedays. Abby cried yesterday, wondering why "everyone else has a Daddy" and she doesn't. What do I say? I tell her she still has a Daddy, but she is very astute. For all practical purposes she does NOT have one. No one to tickle her at night, tell her she's pretty, take her out for ice cream. Luke asked me just last night "Do all daddy's go away sometimes?" No Luke. Not all Daddy's do.

I am praying about finding some sort of work. I can't seem to shake this inkling that I will be needing some extra money in the near future. That I should make some sort of short term goal for meeting out physical needs. Right now we're ok, but the future is looming dark ahead right now. So pray if you read this, that God would be in ABSOLUTE CONTROL (like He isn't already!) of any decisions I make regarding work/future plans.

Love you all.